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Tuesday, March 15, 2005


My fiance recently decided that he's going into the Army Reserves. He graduated college in December and had been planning on going into the Army for a year beginning this past January, but through a mishap that makes one wonder how the hell the U.S. military gets anything done, much less a full-blown war, his paperwork was screwed up to the point that he couldn't go into basic training until March or later. Long story short, they ended up cancelling his contract, and he was left with nothing to do during the year he's taking off between graduation and grad school. Boredom is part of what has motivated him to go into the Reserves.

After some brief objections on my part, I decided that it was a good idea, so long as war doesn't break out between now and when he gets out of the Reserves. Then I remembered that George Bush is still president for the next three years. And then I became depressed.

Although I agree with Bush's social security plan, things keep happening to make me wish I'd voted for Kerry. But at least he got rid of John Ashcroft.


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